Bank Imports

Import bank or credit card statements from any bank, in any format (paper, pdf, csv or bank feed) and LimeBooks will automatically recognise, categorise and choose the amount of VAT on each transaction for you.

  • No need to alter the CSV, just import it as you have downloaded it.
  • All the main banks are automatically recognised, including; NatWest, Barclays, HSBC, Tide, Starling and PayPal.
  • A balanced and analysed bank account every time.
  • Bank reconcile all of your bank accounts to the bank statement.
  • Import anything from 1 transaction to 12 months of transactions, all in one go.
  • All data is available to be exported as a CSV file or PDF.


Quickly create and send professional customised invoices personalised with your logo on.

  • Search, filter and amend customers invoices.
  • Review all outstanding invoices with one click of a button.
  • Allocate money received against the invoice and allocate any CIS that has been deducted, if you are a subcontractor.
  • Create and allocate credit notes which can be directly emailed to your customers.
  • Generate multiple sales reports and export as a CSV or PDF.

Personalised Key Tax Dates and Filing Deadlines Reminders

Be in total control of all your filing deadlines and tax payment due dates.

  • A full list of all your reminders in date order which update automatically as a new deadline becomes due.
  • All deadlines and tax reminders are personalised for your business.
  • Never miss a filing deadline or tax payment date again.


A detailed range of reports are available so you can see exactly how your business is doing and ensure you are in total control.

  • Keep a full track on all your income and expenditure over any period, helping you to manage your cashflow.
  • Multiple sales reports including sales invoices raised, monies received and invoices outstanding.
  • Travel claims report showing all your mileage and subsistence claims for a chosen period.
  • Reports giving a detailed breakdown of any category of income or expenditure for any period.
  • A running balance report for all your bank and cash accounts.


Prepare and submit your MTD compliant VAT Returns directly to HMRC, LimeBooks is suitable for businesses that use cash accounting for VAT under the Standard Scheme or Flat Rate Scheme.

  • LimeBooks can automatically calculate your VAT Returns in real time so you know exactly what you owe at anytime.
  • All previously submitted VAT returns are available to view, and you can see a full summary breakdown of each box on the VAT Return.
  • View a HMRC VAT submission receipt for each VAT return submitted.
  • Direct access to HMRC to view all previously made VAT payments.

Mileage and Subsistence

Record and keep a track of all your business miles travelled and subsistence claims made.

  • All calculated at HMRC approved rates.
  • Produce reports for any given period to support your claims.

Transaction Maintenance

All transactions can easily be edited with just one click of a button.

  • Multiple transactions can globally be changed at once if multiple transactions have the wrong category or VAT code.
  • All data can be sorted on screen by date, category, reference, description or amount making it really easy to search and sort for any transaction.

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