Accountants & Bookkeepers

Designed by accountants and perfect for every scenario

My clients don’t write up their own books and I just get 12 months worth of bank statements to analyse

Directly import a paper, pdf or CSV bank statement for 12 months and LimeBooks will quickly analyse all the transactions and you can then export them directly to your working papers

My client provides me with LimeBooks written up for the year, but it needs to be checked and any errors corrected

Because they import the CSV directly from their bank, the bank is balanced every time. Quickly sort all the transactions and globally change any transactions posted to the wrong category or with the wrong VAT amount, you can then export them directly to your working papers

I write up my clients books and prepare their VAT Return

Directly import their CSV for their VAT quarter, LimeBooks will quickly analyse all the transactions for you, carry out the bank reconciliation and submit their VAT Return directly to HM Revenue & Customs

At the end of the financial year you have a balanced and analysed bank that can be exported directly to your working papers.

Not only will LimeBooks analyse all bank accounts fast and accurately, it also offers all the other features small businesses need from their accounting software.

Client Access and Monitoring

  • Access all your clients from one central database
  • A full list of all your clients key tax dates and filing deadlines on your dashboard
  • You can set up and add as many clients as you like, whenever you like

Making Tax Digital

  • File MTD compatible VAT Returns directly to HMRC
  • Review all payments received by HMRC for your clients
  • Monitor all your clients VAT obligations with HMRC
  • Connect directly to HMRC with your Agent account

Accurate Information

  • A balanced and analysed bank account, everytime
  • Import up to a years worth of bank transactions in less than 1 minute and LimeBooks will then automatically analyse them for you
  • Export cash and bank transactions as an analysed spreadsheet for your working papers
  • Sort, filter and search all transactions really easily to help check all transactions have been allocated to the correct category and the correct VAT has been applied

Training and Support

  • Unlimited free training for you and your clients
  • Support by qualified accountants- get in touch by phone, email or chat

What Others Had to Say

As an Accountant in practice helping clients with their manual bookkeeping systems, I have tried most of the well-known accounting software systems and found them to be too comprehensive/all-singing for the smaller clients that I have. LimeBooks bucks the trend. Straightforward, thorough, logical and with excellent support to help get one going. I recommend it.

Simon Jamison

As an accountant I have of course used other software on the market. What sets LimeBooks apart is the flexibility and ease of use. We are able to save a lot of time preparing accounts. The process of importing the raw data is quick and intuitive. The software quickly learns how to process transactions avoiding manual intervention. It is also very easy to review the data and make corrections if necessary. I would thoroughly recommend the software to any accountant or indeed business owner.

Nick Cotrill

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