LimeBooks is the essential online bookkeeping software
made by accountants for accountants

Directly import a csv from any bank (no mapping or coding needed) and LimeBooks will start to automatically recognise, categorise and choose the amount of VAT on each transaction for you.

LimeBooks is Making Tax Digital compliant and can be used for carrying out the bookkeeping for your clients or assist you in the preparation of the annual accounts.
You can provide LimeBooks to your clients to carry out their own bookkeeping and it could ensure you receive a balanced and analysed bank account every time.
LimeBooks can be used for both non-VAT registered businesses and VAT registered businesses that use the VAT cash accounting scheme.

LimeBooks processes business bank transactions fast and accurately and will help you save time, eliminate errors and be more productive.

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How it works

A VAT return generated in four simple steps


The four step process…

  1. Download a CSV file from your bank for the period you wish to enter into LimeBooks.
  2. Select your bank from the dropdown in LimeBooks and upload all of your transactions in one click.
  3. Using artificial intelligence technology LimeBooks will start to automatically recognise, categorise and choose the amount of VAT on each transaction for you.
  4. Generate and file your VAT Return!

Other Key Features

  • Key dates and deadlines reminder for your business
  • HMRC recognised as a Making Tax Digital provider
  • Export all the transactions entered in LimeBooks as an analysed excel report, for use in your working papers
  • Generate and email personalised invoices and credit notes
  • Record all sales income received
  • Record all CIS deducted
  • View all outstanding invoices with one click
  • Detailed sales reports
  • Record all income and expenditure for multiple cash and bank accounts
  • All transactions can easily be amended
  • Reconcile all your bank accounts
  • Sort and search easily for any transaction
  • Record all your business mileage
  • Record all your business subsistence
  • Full income and expenditure reports
  • Mileage and subsistence reports
  • Unlimited support by UK accountants


LimeBooks is priced at £5.00 plus VAT per-month, per full licence. That’s it, no hidden costs, no support fees.

If you wish to purchase a full licence you will need to set up as a partner by requesting a free licence, then you can issue as many full licences as you need for you and your clients.

You will receive one invoice a month for the full licences you have in issue in the previous month.

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If you are interested in using LimeBooks you can book a demo and we will take you through the features of our software, at a time that is convenient for you.

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Free licence

If you don’t want a demo you can just request your free licence. The free licence is fully operational and has all the features of a full licence, it just excludes the facility to submit the final VAT Return*.

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If you are a not an accountancy practice or bookkeeping business and would like to use our software, please ask your accountant or bookkeeper to contact us.

*Free Licences are limited to one per accountancy practice and bookkeeping business.